The heart opening

The core of the human personality is what is called heart, the sum-totality of all your feelings, your emotions, not only those that you feel with the mind. Thank you. Is it closer to my heart? All the feelings and emotions that we experience are not necessarily of the heart. A lot of it is mixed up with the mind.

The deceased

Let their spirits be free. And let them do what they like according to their own samskaras and karmas because you can do nothing to alter them. Only that person that has left his body will be able to do something about it. Gurus, spiritual masters, Jesus Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas, even they can’t do anything. God can’t do anything.

Be yourself

You know, when I see two people really in love with each other, I feel so happy. I get merged in their love.

Life is an art

We were talking about art yesterday in our small groups. Life is an art, and the art, the paint brush, can be used in such a way to create such beauty. The paint brush of your life. You can just give it the proper strokes to create that beauty. Like Turner, with just a stroke of his brush, he creates a new atmosphere, that English painter we spoke about yesterday in the little groups. You can do the same.

You are free

If I can enjoy the freedom of myself and still be totally normal, why can’t you? I do the same things you do. I shave and bathe and go to the toilet, and do all the biological functions. But yet I do it in freedom. You do it in bondage.

You can never be certain of anything

You have a lover that loves you very much. Can you be really certain of him? You can’t. Tomorrow he might find another Fleary and off he goes, and the same thing applies to the man and the woman. You can never be certain of anything. And that adds the beauty of life, the uncertainty, the unknown, that becomes the mystery, that becomes the impetus to keep us going. Otherwise, you’d say, «Ah, what’s the sense of this stupid world? Let me be elsewhere.»

How can a three dimensional thought reach the fourth or fifth dimension?

It cannot because the three dimensional thought is too gross to reach the finer level in which the soul abounds after it leaves the body.
So when someone dies, don’t mope and don’t cry. It’s something that has to happen, and the only certainty in life is death. That’s the only thing that you can be certain about.

The poet

You’re free as the bird, and the bird flies in freedom. Yet there’s a system to its flying. There’s a system inborn within them that during winter months they would fly in a different direction, and summer months in another direction. That kind of freedom we are talking about. That inside you, you know just what to do. And you do it right, if you are free. Therefore in Sanskrit there’s a word, the Jivanmukta: to be liberated while you are still in the body. Not after you are dead. That liberation does not matter. We want liberation here and now. That’s what a poet does, he’s liberated in his poem where he flies to the higher skies and he goes down to the lowest depths.