How can a three dimensional thought reach the fourth or fifth dimension?

fulness(14)And if you study this very carefully you will find that 80 percent «if not more» of the misery that they suffer is not because the old chap is dead, but they’re thinking of the money side. Oh, you know, when he was alive, you know, every month, lovely fat paycheck if he was earning well. They’re concerned about themselves. You go to a funeral, for example, and you see people crying. Do you think they are really crying for the person that is dead? No. They are crying for themselves, for the deprivation that they are going to suffer, either monetarily, or companionship‑wise or any other wise, but none of it is wise.

The-Photography-of-Gabriel-Isak-9Now I think I told you this, but there is a sect in India, when a child gets born, they cry that he is coming to this world to learn more lessons, you know. You have not graduated. And when a person dies, they celebrate. They are happy that at least you are unfettered now to make your own progress far better. Because in the human body, your progress can be very slow because of the befuddling of your mind. You’re befuddled.


Your thoughts are running this way and that way and that way. And that’s what I’m trying to do: to put your mind into some definite channel, a path. And if you practice these practices assiduously, you definitely will be on the path and you would not allow anything to interfere. Be of steady mind. That is what all philosophies and religions teach.

So pray for yourselves, and your prayer, if it’s very sincere, will effect all those around you here, not there. You’ll be sending out good vibes, as they say. And each and every mind being connected throughout the world, throughout the…. everywhere, they would naturally help, and this is the basis of healing, for example, distant healing.

lw3Many times I get a letter, and a person is suffering from this or that, and I never reply. I’d need a good few secretaries to take down dictation, and I’ll be busy the whole day dictating, not being able to do anything else.So I don’t reply, but as soon as I get a letter, I do some meditation on it. And before the letter reaches me, another letter’s in the post already saying that the problem I had is gone.


So what has happened there? The mechanics are these, that the mind was concentrated on the guru, right, at that time of writing the letter, and that concentrated mind, that thought has reached my superconscious level and provided the impetus and the energy to help the person to find a solution, or even in illness to give them the energy. You see how it works.

What I’m trying to tell you is that all minds are concentrated, all minds has a connection between each other. And when it comes to people loving each other, the chela loves the guru, the guru loves the chela, or two lovers love each other, it forms a greater connection, where the mind becomes more receptive to the object of one’s devotion and love.

The-Photography-of-Gabriel-Isak-13But when we talk of the other dimension of death, your thoughts do not reach there because how can a three dimensional thought reach the fourth or fifth dimension? It cannot because the three dimensional thought is too gross to reach the finer level in which the soul abounds after it leaves the body.
So when someone dies, don’t mope and don’t cry. It’s something that has to happen, and the only certainty in life is death. That’s the only thing that you can be certain about.

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