The deceased

Let their spirits be free. And let them do what they like according to their own samskaras and karmas because you can do nothing to alter them. Only that person that has left his body will be able to do something about it. Gurus, spiritual masters, Jesus Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas, even they can’t do anything. God can’t do anything.

audrey niffeneger(12)

You can pray to God as much as you like when you’re in trouble, and your pains or problems or miseries won’t be removed. That’s another fallacy perpetrated by all theologies. You’ve got to remove them yourself. The only way the prayer helps is to calm your mind, that’s all. Where when the mind is calmer, you can look at things more objectively and more sensibly. That’s all. Because Divinity is just an energy, which you can use as you wish to use it.

All these people praying, «Oh, Lord, give me money, give me this, give me a nice woman. You know, give me someone to love.»  Why doesn’t he give it to them if he’s such a God of mercy? He says no, I am the life and so are you; not part of the life, I am. But you are the same life that I am. And do with it what you want to do with it.

audrey niffeneger(13)

So be on your way. And carry on, and see if you can realize that your life and my life is the same life. One life, one heart, one body, one spirit, one joy, one harmony, one everything. Because when you have two, there’s friction. When there’s one, no friction. And this whole bloomin world and all the people and animals have come about because of friction.


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