The heart opening

Questioner: Gururaj, could you speak to us please about how we can open up our hearts?

Gururaj: Beautiful question. I’m just wondering, the question was, can you speak to us how we can open our hearts? I don’t know if I can answer that. How can we open our hearts? What is opening? What is closing? What is the heart?

1919364_151838646960_5162797_nThe core of the human personality is what is called heart, the sum-totality of all your feelings, your emotions, not only those that you feel with the mind. Thank you. Is it closer to my heart? All the feelings and emotions that we experience are not necessarily of the heart. A lot of it is mixed up with the mind.

The heart is a quality or a form of existence that could exist without the mind and the heart, without the mind and without feeling, without emotion, without the thinking process.

It could exist independently, yet the various mechanisms of the mind are necessary to be able to appreciate what’s happening in the heart.

The heart is forever radiating an energy, a force. When I said that the heart is the core of the human personality, it means that the heart is that which is closest to Divinity. Divinity is encompassed, trapped so to speak in the heart.

1919364_151838576960_7279041_nThe heart has a universal quality. Therefore a good man, we call him a big-hearted man. Little do we realise how big that bigness is. Its extent is the entire univers.

But man because having a mind, persists in limiting the heart and by limiting the heart to its individual self, to its individuality, he is closing the heart. And therefore the question arises how can we open the heart.


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