As above, so below.

Gururaj_espejo_recorte_2Even on the spiritual path there cannot be self-satisfaction because the forces within us, the very forces that constitute the ego—the three gunas—are forever in turbulence, and it is this very turbulence that pushes one on and on and on. There is no rest for man until he reaches self-realization.

People today are operating more on the level of the mind and less on the level of the heart. That is where our teaching differs from most of the systems in the world; with our practices there is a simultaneous development of the mind and heart. The heart feels the joy and the mind appreciates the joy. This is the message of today, age-old, but presented in its modern context.

Brahmacharya is the most misinterpreted word that has ever been given out to this world. Many people feel that Brahmacharya means celibacy—complete continence, non-indulgence in sex. Brahmacharya does not mean this. Brahma means Divinity, achar means the way, the path. So, to be a Brahmacharya, means to walk in the path of Divinity. That is the true meaning of Bramacharya.

As we said before, as above, so below. What is below is above. It is just a different level of existence, and man can live at a higher level of consciousness. People call it an altered state of consciousness. There is no such thing. You cannot alter consciousness, you can only live at a higher level of consciousness. Consciousness remains the same. What alters is you, yourself.


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