What gives you 60% of what is necessary? JASUTI: Could you give us some new suggestions on how we can increase the intensity of our gurushakti practices? GURURAJ: That’s very easy, don’t do gurushakti. I’m joking, you know that. Gurushakti is something indefinable. It is the power of grace that you are drawing unto yourself […]

There shall be many doubters

There shall be many doubters. Let them doubt, for their doubts too will lead them. If you go mountaineering, the experienced mountaineer goes ahead of you. When you come to a place that is difficult, he extends his hand and pulls you up. Now, you are not worshipping the mountaineer; but you have some trust: […]

Everything in life is a guru

When you climb the stairs you have the railing to hold on to. You might be strong enough to climb the stairs without the railing, yet the railing is there as a protection to grip on to if your foot slips. All true teachers live their teachings first, and then teach. Otherwise, their teachings carry […]

I do my duty

I do my duty; and my mission in life is to give off what I have gained. If I have gained joy, I impart that joy. If I have gained wisdom through the power of Divinity, it is my dharma to impart that wisdom. If I am filled with love, it is my duty to […]

Devotion to your teacher

To be uncritical does not involve any worship whatsoever. You don’t need  to worship gurus—no! That is wrong! Why should you worship gurus? But you can be devoted to a guru if you wish, and that devotion is experienced every day; it’s a very natural thing. You’re devoted to your children; you’re devoted to your […]

A real teacher

A real teacher, in the class of Buddha, Christ, and Krishna, feels the pain of your clinging. That is why the scriptures say, “He died for your sins; he suffered for your sins.” Devotion and love are felt within. The true master immediately feels and sees it, and not even a word needs to be […]

First deserve, and then demand

If a guru gives you a practice which is needed by you, specifically tailor-made for you, practice it with sincerity and truthfulness. And if you practice it with sincerity and it does you no good, change the guru! The teacher shows you the path, but you have to walk it with your own feet. There […]

Spiritual Pride

Teachers sometimes develop a spiritual pride, which is not good at all—it is devolutionary instead of evolutionary. The greatest thing to be watched for is pride. A person can reach a very high evolutionary spiritual standard, but if he assumes any form of pride, then he is not a spiritual teacher because he, with his […]