Guru Shakti
Guru Shakti

What gives you 60% of what is necessary?


JASUTI: Could you give us some new suggestions on how we can increase the intensity of our gurushakti practices?

GURURAJ: That’s very easy, don’t do gurushakti. I’m joking, you know that. Gurushakti is something indefinable. It is the power of grace that you are drawing unto yourself by the practice. Now, grace is so abstract, so you need a symbol to make it concrete. And pouring yourself to that symbol you are clearing your mind and drawing the grace to you. (Did you have your, you bloody fools, did you have your Bloody Marys?)

SUJAY: Several, thank you.


Do you see, so that is a method how to intensify and become receptive to that gurushakti that pours into you. I don’t know if I told you this before, perhaps, somewhere in the world. Just take a picture of me for example, right. Sit down at it and just pour your… is that me?

VOICE: Yeah.


ROOPA: Don’t you want the practice? [LAUGHTER]

GURURAJ: And just pour out all your problems and say, «Guruji, you bloomin’ bastard, these are my problems and I’m pouring it out to you. Take them.» And believe you me your burden would be so much lessened. It works, you know. It works. I mean, many of you have been doing it and all that. Yes, why not? What the devil is a guru there for, that devil? So, just pour out, sit down, you can laugh or cry or whatever and say, «This is my problem, Guruji, you take it.» And I’m strong enough to take any problem of anyone. And there’s thousands and thousands and thousands around the world that do that on a regular basis. Do you see?

And just, as any psychologist will tell you, just by pouring out, pouring out you lessen your burden. Because it’s not only a matter of simple psychology. What do these psychologists know about these things? They’re bullshitters. They all sit and listen to you, and listen to you, and listen to you. And you think you feel better, you don’t. But that spiritual force is not there. Aha, that spiritual force is important. Whereby you sitting down and doing your gurushakti for a few moments, and you’ll find you would just pouring it away out of your system. Your mind becomes more calmer. And for gurushakti you do not even need to sit down, but just to have that remembrance. And by having that remembrance it doesn’t pile up into a lot. You’re dissipating it all the time. Slow process, but it works. But when you feel really troubled within yourself, really troubled, then you sit down for five or ten minutes and just talk to that bloomin’ bastard there. Just talk to him and tell him, because he is saluting the Divinity that is within you. It symbolizes that, look you are divine, and I share that Divinity within you. So, let us get rid of the idiocy of your mind. So simple.

I think we should have a program on this course where I could demonstrate to you the power of gurushakti. Make a note of that, we’ll fit that in. Mind you, I like that bastard. Good. Next question.

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