The Real and the Unreal

The Real and UnrealLet me tell you a little secret, and understand this well. That which you think is real is not real at all. That which you think is unreal is true reality. Did you get that? The true reality is that «it,» that cannot find any confirmation in your mind saying that it is real. It can’t.

So what are you confirming? What are you affirming? This world is pregnant, and I’m not talking of the population explosion. Pregnant with thoughts that could never germinate because it is involved in thought formations. Now how can the formless have formation, and how can thought realize with its own particular forms that which is formless? Is that possible, I ask you? Real‑I‑zation, that’s where we have to reach, and very fast, too.

The other part of your question was, «Is self‑realization possible in this lifetime?» And my answer is yes, it is possible. Spend just six months with me, constantly in my company, and I will make you self‑realized. Not by knowledge and wisdom alone, but opening yourself up for a touch. Where you will start identifying yourself with identification itself, which is none other but yourself. It’s possible.

Some people are lazy, perhaps, or they do not know the meaning of the wherefore and the why and that might take millions of lifetimes, perhaps. Not necessary. Why wait so bloomin’ long. Find it here and now. When you walk out here, do you realize you’re walking? No. It’s just a motion you’re producing. Right. But feel the ground that you’re walking upon. Then you will know that my feet are firmly planted on this ground, and I make my feet and the ground the basis of my personal reality. Look up at the sky. What do you see? If you ask someone they say, «Oh, the sky is blue.» Rubbish. The sky is not blue. It is the water down here that is blue and reflected up that makes the sky seem blue. Touch the sky and see if it’s blue or not.

But I am blue. I’m blue with you guys for not going a bit faster for self‑realization. Therefore sometimes I cry for you and I feel blue.

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