End of evolution

Gururaj_blanco_negro_23In this evolutionary process, we do not travel a distance. The little atomic particles that compose our system are traveling and in a state of flux. The changing self that forever has to keep on changing travels within the framework of the mind in time and space. But that which is changeless travels nowhere. It is forever present. Meditation teaches us to know of that changeless aspect which is ever-present. This little atom swirls around in its evolutionary space, in silence. The ultimate goal is to re-experience the silence, which you can call by any name you like—Divinity, God, Godhead. Then reaching the ultimate goal of silence, you will realize this whole universe is but a dream.

When a human being takes the first incarnation, bringing with him the memory of all previous material existences, certain tendencies are formed. Even animals don’t have the same experiences. Take the example of a cat. Two cats don’t have the same experiences and neither do two dogs. They go through different kinds of experiences. One cat could be an alley cat (that has to scrounge for a living), while another cat could be worshipped and given the best chair in the house! Animals, too, go through different kinds of experiences. The impressions of those experiences are contained within the mind of a human being when he takes his first incarnation.

“Good” is when your every action is life-supporting and spontaneous, in accordance with nature. Many acts might not seem supportive at their surface value, yet those may be the very actions required to put you further on the pat of evolution and bring about greater harmony.


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