Ego is a very tricky thing!

Gururaj_tarta_cumpleañosThe truth is this: what we assume to be real is false. Now, with the acceptance of this factor, that “my conditioned mind is small and insignificant,” immediately, as that realization dawns, we develop humility, and surrender to a greater power takes place. We stop boasting that “I” can do everything and start questioning, “Who really is the doer?” This is where the inquiry starts, and where the question, “Who am I?” really begins to have some significance.

Ego is a very tricky thing!

A self-centered ego, or the ego that turns inward to itself yet not beyond itself, is caught up in the web of its own undoing. It is like the silkworm, who spins until it gets caught up in its own silk and cannot escape. What is the solution? All the impressions gained, in what is termed the ego, are binding. They are binding one to a certain pattern of action. The mind is ego and ego is patterned. We have to unpattern the mind or unpattern the ego, not destroy it. If the ego is annihilated, then you cannot exist.

What we require is the expansion of the ego. When expanded in the proper way, the ego becomes entirely transparent and the full force of reality, the full force of the light, shines through.

There is a quality within us which is changeless and eternal. In the preservation of our small ego, we are annihilating Divinity. That is what we do! We become oblivious of Divinity; yet without that Divinity, we cannot even lift a finger.


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