Once a teacher, always a teacher

Once a teacher, always a teacherOnce a teacher, always a teacher. And that teacher whose dharma is to teach, a teacher of that level will come again and again and again in so many different forms. And even if the true teacher’s body drops or is discarded, he’s still there with you in so many forms and ways still teaching you. You are in some mental turmoil and you will just pick up a book, perhaps, and you will read a sentence and will say, «Aha, here is the answer.» Or you just might meet a beggar on the road who will say a word or two and you’ll find an answer. So you are progressing. The guru is not gone, although he has dropped his body. He is still with you if that bond is firmly established. He’s still with you showing you the way through so many other means. And even if your guru is alive, he does not need to be with you all the time to hold your hand and lead. There are other ways, many other ways, for the eternal spirit is all pervading. And we know how many times we have a problem and we take our mind to that shakti and somehow or other the problem gets resolved. A solution is found. It happens every day. So that is the relationship between guru and chela.

~Gururaj US 80-32

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