Thoughts go on and on

Thoughts are very persistent things. They go on and on. The more you fight them and the more you push them away, the more they come and take you deeper into the whirlpool of samskaras.

Gururaj_imagen_ojos_cerradosIf it is not possible to discipline the mind then it is very possible to discipline the body. The body is disciplined by proper action. As we discipline the body, the mind too becomes disciplined. The effect of this disciplining is the refining of samskaras, and the mind is led to a far subtler level. And when the mind is led to a more subtle level, then the actions of man become purer.

As man’s mind, body, and thinking processes become more refined, he starts to explore the deeper levels of his mind. As the mind goes down to its deeper levels and meets with its subtler self, more light penetrates. As more light penetrates, the grosser samskaras that constitute us become lighter, the burden becomes lighter. As the burden becomes lighter, as the grosser self of man assumes a more subtle quality, then every action he performs does not leave that deep impression, or that deep scar which constitutes samskaras.

As we infuse the inner being, the kingdom of heaven which is within, into our daily lives, then the impressions of the past lose their power.

This life is produced because of the momentum set forth in previous lives. We are today the sum totality of what we have been, and everything that happens to us is created by us. When a person learns to accept this fact: “I am what I am because I made myself what I am,” then he becomes a responsible person. And any person that becomes a responsible person can view all happenings of life objectively and then he stops blaming everyone else.


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