Learning means cleaning up

tormenta-luzLearning lessons does not mean acquiring. That which we call learning means cleaning up . . . and this is how we attain a state of purity. All the dirt has to be wiped away—the dirt of samskaras, which is the combinations and permutations of the various impressions.

The superconscious mind is at the finest level of relativity and represents the quality of “light.” Our conditioning is dependent entirely on how much of the light from the superconscious mind can filter through. The clearer the passage for that light, the more genuine the experience, because in the power of that light conditionings disappear or are overcome, and the purity of the experience is felt. So to really gain true experience, one has to clarify the mind.

If the mind becomes more clear then experience could be more valid and true. And that is what we want: We want the true experience of ourselves.

If we have stability within ourselves we can take our anger for its own sake, and regard that anger to be an experience in itself without projecting it on that poor fellow in front of us. This knowingness comes about on its own if we allow that inner light to filter through us. Then the anger loses its sting and it leaves no samskara whatsoever. It does not leave a lasting impression that you will have to work out in some other form.


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