Ramón (Raman) Leonato

CSC_8041I was born in Madrid in 1960, when I was a young boy I was solely interested in understanding the secret of life. I grew up studying biology, chemistry, physics and by 15 years old I was already in college. I published my first research work in Insect Biochemistry, Pergamon Press Vol. 10 pp 529 to 533 on molecular genetics at the age of 19 years old. In seeking for answers to the secret of life I started with biology and molecular genetics and from there I went to theoretical physics, finally I landed in the area of mysticism, or self awareness under the guidance of Gururaj Ananda Yogi, a disciple of Swami Pravitananda with whom I studied until his passing away in 1988.

MBA by Instituto de Empresa-London Business School, I studied Physics and Medicine in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and have been Visiting Scholar in UC Berkeley BISC. I developed most of my professional career in business as an entrepreneur and actively participated in two IPOs in the London Stock Exchange. I have lived in the UK, the United States in the Bay Area in California and in Spain where I reside now.

I am dedicated in full time to the management and teaching direction of the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment, a registered non-profit foundation dedicated to inter- religious dialogue and to the teaching of meditation and spiritual practices from a non- denominational, non-sectarian and scientific approach. I am the director of the meditation program ongoing in the IP Villabona, a Prison establishment from the Government of Spain with 1400+ inmates. I am also the director of the program for schools that has been carried away in public schools in Spain to teach spirituality and meditation techniques from a secular point of view.

During the last 30 years I have been working on a new description of reality from a philosophical point of view that approaches the problem of consciousness, free will, and god in an integrated way with the cognition humanity has gathered of the physical manifestation from a completely new and revolutionary perspective. A new approach to understand the nature of free will requires something which is not determined and that can determine the changes in a human mind/body system and should not require a physical manifestation to exist, because if it does, then it will always be determined by the laws that rule those changes within physical manifestation and thus will be predictable and not free.



President of the Spanish Meditation Society since 1984 I have been teaching meditation courses since 1984 in both the academic environment and the business corporate world. In 1993 I developed a methodology to teach mindfulness techniques and meditation practices to company executives and trained in these techniques to executives of Iberia, Renfe, Andersen Consulting, Summa Consulting, Norconsult, Iberdrola and Unión Fenosa. I have taught and given meditation courses in the UK, USA and Spain being one respected and well-known spiritual teacher.

This experience in teaching spirituality to people of all backgrounds and religious inclinations, including atheists has little by little helped me unfold the laws that govern the Self or Consciousness, or God, we can use any name. These laws can be explained and made known, in a non-computational way, because as Sir Roger Penrose affirms, awareness is a non- computational quality of manifested reality. In line with the thoughts of Thomas Nagel, mind is considered in this world view as a manifested physical reality of a very subtle nature which like the rest of manifestations in the universe goes through a process of evolution, or change in time.

A model of the mind will explain how mind and physical reality interact in a picture in which brain and brain functions are mostly related to “perceiving” mind like the senses, instead of creating mind.Within this picture we introduce consciousness and awareness as a spiritual quality and we integrate into a single world view the classical teachings of spiritual traditions in both theeast and the west with the global materialistic scientific world view of our times


In 1988 I founded my first company, Eurogis, S.A., A company dedicated to High Tech Systems that became a Government contractor in the area of Geographic Information Systems we worked as prime contractors in some of the most outstanding projects in Spain at those years, amongst them:

✦ Early Alert Nuclear Risk Management System. Ministry of Interior ✦ Mission Planning System for the Spanish Air Force. Ministry of Defense ✦ Face Recognition System. Anti-terrorist squad. Ministry of Interior ✦ Founding member of the Open GIS Foundation OGF with Dr. David Schell in the USA

In 1996 I sold the company to FCC Group in Spain which changed the name of the company to Espelsa, S.A. Today this company continues being a prime Spanish government contractor for Hi-Tech projects in several areas and over 200 M € revenues.

In 1998 I founded a new company with a cooperation established with the Department of Computer Architecture of the School of Computer Sciences, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid UPM directed by Prof Pedro de Miguel, today heavily involved in the Blue Brain

Project. The company, Movildat S.A., was sold to a UK company in 2000 and through it’s technology an IPO was launched in the London Stock Exchange becoming Minorplanet Plc. that became the leading Fleet Management Company listed in FTSE market and world-wide leader in GPS based solutions for Fleet Management.

In 2004 I moved from the UK to California, in the USA, where I developed the market for the UK company Amteus Ltd. specialized in secure communications and Instant messaging. In 2005-2006 I participated in the successful IPO of Amteus Ltd. that became Amteus Plc in the AIM market in London.

In 2007 I moved back to Spain to become the President of the International Foundation of Spiritual Unfoldment (IFSU) a non-profit foundation registered in the Ministry of Education of Spain and I dedicate fully to teach a non-sectarian, non-denominational spiritual philosophy and theology and meditation techniques and spiritual practices that have proved a powerful and effective character building and transformational tool for the sophisticated minds of human beings of the XXIst century.


Since my starts of my professional life as a researcher in Instituto de Biologia Celular. CSIC under the direction of Dr. José Luis Diez, working on molecular genetics back in 1978, I have kept a close contact with the Academic world and have used my work as an entrepreneur to, through technological agreements with Universities, develop the technologies that became the basis of the activity of the companies I have created. Amongst them I have worked intensively with Prof Georges Abou Jaoude department in École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), one of the main scientists in the starts of the Blue Brain Project and that will be collaboratingwithusinthisproject. Alsofrom1990to2006IworkedwithProfPedrode MIguel, School of Computer Sciences. UPM. Madrid., in several classified Hi-Tech research projects for the Government of Spain. In 2005-2006 I was Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley BISC with Prof Zadeh involved in a project that was the starting point of the project I am proposing to Templeton Foundation. A soft computing approach to find the similar structures and patterns of thought in spiritual traditions of every culture.


Since 1979 has written hundreds of articles in specialized magazines of both academic and private institutions. In 1994 he published his first book “1001 Respuestas al corazón” and since then he has published two other books in 1996 “Respuestas al corazón” and in 2012 “Respuestas al corazón de Gururaj Ananda Yogi” all of them published by Espasa Calpe – Grupo Planeta and dedicated to the philosophy and world view basis of the project Religious Cognition and God in minds of human beings;A poetic and scientific approach.


Since my involvement as President of IFSU in Spain I have been heavily involved is several social projects that the foundation offers free of charge to the Spanish Prison System, to Public Schools, to citizens in risk of social exclusion like abused women or drug addicts, and of cancer patients from several hospitals.This programs teaches a curriculum designed to awaken the spiritual dimension and to provide a set of cognitive behavioral guidelines and meditation techniques and mindful living, that have demonstrated their effectiveness in bringing the desired well-being and transformation process with respect of the exercise of individual free will.


“Excellent communicator and speaker, teacher, with a deep scientific background has been a student of eastern and western philosophy and theology. Ramón has a good knowledge of corporate world and of human beings of all backgrounds and education. He has an expanded awareness and understanding of human mind and of the roots of human suffering.” JA Rojo – Opinion – El Pais

Since I was 10 years of age I have been inquiring into the Truth, into the nature of existence, into the big questions and at this point, in 2013, 43 years after I am in the position of directing this project and bringing it to completion. I am sure to be so much in line with Sir John Templeton’s vision and also sure that through this project we will construct a new world view and description of reality with proposed experimental tests that will proof the theories explained about mind, awareness, consciousness and God.

I hope to be invited to present a Full proposal as in the characters provided I cannot disclose the essence of my thought as it would require detailed descriptions of several variables, including evolution, individual mind, theory of information, logical capabilities of the mind etc..

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