The mind and the heart hold hands

Gururaj_pijama_Concha_8Remember this, the moment I start analyzing my love, love ceases, because I have taken love to the mental level. The mind cannot love, it can only appreciate the mechanics of love. Love is the welling of the heart. The heart feels the closeness and oneness where your heartbeat spontaneously feels the heartbeat of your beloved. But once the mind enters and analyzes even a heartbeat, the heart stops beating in the flow of love. Love knows no analysis.

It is very easy to say, “Judge not that ye be not judged.” So simple to say, but so difficult to do; because you can only stop judging if you can really love. Love never judges, it just loves, it just is.

The mind is limited, while the heart is unlimited. When we combine the greater development of the mind with the opening of the heart, then the few days that we are on this planet will become more joyful and smoother.

When love flowers in our hearts, and as our souls begin to blossom out to the world, we fulfill our destiny as human beings and the purpose for which this life has been given to us.

How valuable this life is, and how well it can be used. One day, when we leave this world, we want to be able to say, “Well-lived this life, well-lived.”

What do we teach, basically? We teach of the essence of the human being; and that we call love. Divinity is best expressed by that quality.

What happens in the mechanics of love: The mind and the heart hold hands.


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