Attachment to name and form

gururaj_web3831The cause of all unhappiness and misery in this world is our attachment to name and form.

What man has to strive for is that tranquillity where all the praise in the world does not elate him, and all the blame in the world does not deflate him. This tranquillity brings about a certain kind of nonattachment.

We seek externally for happiness but the external happiness is temporary. It is only by finding the inner happiness that we could put some permanence into that which is temporary, because we go beyond name and form to see the essence which is eternal.

Could you really ever possess anything? . . . especially a human being, who is an individual, thinking entity.

“I” the little ego self, is not the doer. The doer is HE. When you have that idea, you become nonattached to your actions and then any action you perform will not add any samskaras to your mind. You will gradually become free of impressions which imprison you. When your actions and your thoughts become non-binding, then you enter the realms of freedom.

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