We have to establish relationships in our lives, with our beloved ones. Relationships with your husband and wife, with your work mates, with your family. Relationships is an important area of anyone's life. Here you have a few secrets about the experiencing of fulfilling relationships

Incompatibility in relationships

By finding fault, it is not the fault of the other person, it is you. You are at fault: therefore you see a fault. We project ourselves upon others because we cannot handle ourselves by ourselves.

Sex and relationships

I do not advise celibacy for a householder. Celibacy practiced by a householder in the world as we know it, can become very dangerous. It can become repressive, and those inhibitions and repressions can translate themselves psychosomatically. When we marry there is at first a mutual attraction. One has to enhance this attraction if love […]

Grief because of our loved ones

About life, death and suffering when our loved ones part VOICE: Dear Gururaj, what is the nature of grief in the loss of a loved one? GURURAJ: What is the nature of grief in the loss of a loved one? First we must know what grief is all about, and we must also know what […]

My mother

A story-teller My mother, she could not write or read, but what a brain she had. You know, in India the village homes (I was born in a village) and all the village homes had very large stoops. Do you call it stoops? Porches? And in the evenings after supper, the whole neighborhood used to […]

Awareness II

Attachment and need We do find that there is no answer. Because if you hate someone, can you find the answer for hating someone? You cannot. You cannot find the answer why you hate someone. You can only find excuses but not the real answer. Oh, because, you know, this one said this to me […]

Love has to be worked out

Love has to be worked at over a period of years so that two people slowly begin to understand each other. They begin to understand the faults and frailties of each other, and in understanding them, they accept them. When one accepts the faults and frailties of the other, a beautiful friendship is born. That […]

Married life

The sexual urge is one of the strongest urges, and it has to be given vent. The experience gained in total surrender between husband and wife can lead you to total surrender to God. The human being has been given the necessary equipment right from the physical level to the highest level of the soul. […]

Learning to respond to thee

When we are unjust to another, we are being violent to that person. Being violent to the person, we are stealing the peace of that person. What greater theft can there be than stealing someone’s peace? To be able to really love, you must start knowing yourself. If you cannot know yourself, how can you […]