Honesty and sincerity

Gururaj_pijama_Concha_3Drug-taking leads to fragmentation; meditation leads to integration.

Spiritual growth depends upon your honesty and sincerity, and on your wanting to find a certain inner freedom and yet be part of society.

The big “I” permeates all thoughts, and all actions of the small “I”. The degree of permeation of the big “I” depends entirely upon the openness, development, and unfoldment of the small “I.” This is the aim and goal and strife of all human beings.

Physical maturity is not a must towards self-realization. Mental maturity—mental balance—is one of the prerequisite conditions to reach self-realization. When the mind becomes more balanced, it definitely affects the body by bringing greater calmness. The mind then experiences the body in its higher values, due to the infusion of the spiritual Self, the divine Self of the human being. Finally the body, mind, and spirit become one in total integration.

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