Evolution of the Human Being

evolutionThe first incarnation is composed mostly of awareness of the physical self. It is aware that it needs food, water, and to perform other biological functions. These needs in turn create further needs, and this is how greater and greater bondage occurs. Today he hunts a deer and he gets a small one, but he will want to have a bigger deer the next day. Since all these impressions start forming and forming, do not think that in the first incarnation you one is karma free.

Even the most primitive man had some bit of thinking ability. Even at the first incarnation into the human species there was the tendency to develop further, and the evolutionary force was pushing to a more expanded consciousness. This force will forever keep pushing until one becomes aware of total consciousness. Many lifetimes will pass, until that pure, total consciousness is attained.

Once having reached humankind it is not possible to be reincarnated below it. This is a fallacious idea that is found in some Eastern philosophies. They say if you live a bad life then you will get reincarnated as a dog or a cat, or a mouse or a cockroach! This is not true; evolution is forever progressive.

A human being can never be reborn into a lower kingdom. Once one has reached the human stage, he will always be human, but in the range of humanity one can fluctuate up and down. This movement is determined by the actions we do and by the thoughts we think. These things influence, guide, and condition us to experience higher and higher levels of humanity.

We can only evolve ourselves. Nobody can do it for us. Other guides can help; they can kindle the spark, and fan it until the flame becomes so strong that it does not need the wind anymore. It finds its own impetus to burn.

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