Earth is our school

Gururaj_sentado_hablandoWe came to Earth like a school. We have come to learn. Why should be learn? . . . because we want to evolve. Why do we want to evolve? . . . because we want to be away from suffering. We want to reach that state of primal peace from which we have come. But to reach that state of peace we have to go to school. This is the school.

At every turn there is an opportunity to learn and evolve. Because it is inherent within us to evolve, we cannot stop evolution. It is a force that carries us on and on. Even all the trials and tribulations of life are nothing but opportunities. When we view adversities in this light the sting of the so-called adversity disappears, because what makes us suffer is our own minds, nothing else.

Man does not want to adapt himself to truth, but he wants to mold the truth to his needs. That can never be evolutionary.

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