Turbulence of the mind

mente_subconscienteNow, as the primal evolutionary force reaches up through the animal kingdom, it being controlled and propelled by itself, there is no impediment put in its path. At the human level, however, is the mind.

The greatest impediment towards self-realization is man’s mind. But within that very mind are the power of discrimination, and the power which is realized through meditational and spiritual practices. These powers will turn the tables and use that same impediment to realize Divinity.

The subconscious mind is forever turbulent because of the currents created in it by all the impressions it contains. A balancing process must take place. Here the three gunas—tamas, rajas, and sattva—exist in their most powerful form because the subconscious mind is very subtle and has the reach of the entire universe. You have known the entire universe. It is contained in your mind. You have traveled a long way through various forms of existences until you have reached the stage of mankind.

All imbalances are caused by friction and friction is caused by knowledge, not in the true sense, but half-baked, where you know a little of this and a little of that. You put it all together and the mind creates a conflict within itself and deludes itself into thinking that it is not well. Knowledge can be dangerous. When knowledge is improperly digested, it causes indigestion. There is not only physical indigestion, but there is mental indigestion too. That is the cause of all illnesses.


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