The Eternal Wanderer

Gururaj_baston_aeropuertoChrist consciousness means that consciousness to which man has to aspire, and that is the true meaning of the words, “No man goes to the Father but through me.” It means: Reach the stage of consciousness that I have reached, and you become one with the Father.

All the karmic and dharmic values of this world form a certain demand. The magnetism radiated by this planet automatically pulls down someone who is inclined to help—it brings down that personage to the earth to help. That is what is meant by avatars.

There is no difference between Krishna consciousness and Christ consciousness. It is the same consciousness, and everyone can say, “I have that consciousness.” But not everyone can say, “I express that consciousness.” That is why it is said that Christ lives eternally, Krishna lives eternally, and Buddha lives eternally—because that Divine Consciousness is eternal. From time to time, when the world needs it, that very Consciousness embodies itself to help the world.

When we say the Eternal Wanderer, it would apparently imply that such a being has no peace because he is wandering around. But within his very wandering there is peace itself—that is why an Incarnation is so difficult for the ordinary mind to understand.

When that totality of emanation (known as the Incarnation) has to go to another planet where beings exist in a different form, then he has to embody himself in that form, because it is only the embodied form that can provide the impulse to another who is also embodied.

The Avatar is in a state of equilibrium and forever will remain in the state of equilibrium. He is the Master who controls the three gunas because he has risen above the gunas.

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