Raja Yoga combines within itself all the other Yogas

Scan copy 106Why is it called the Royal Path? Because Raja Yoga combines within itself all the other Yogas, Karma Yoga, which is of right action, right thinking; Jnana Yoga which is of intellectual analysis, wanting to find answers.

It combines Bhakti Yoga which is the Yoga of devotion, and surrender and love. Now all these, wherever one starts from according to one’s temperament, they all finally merge into the one Yoga, the Royal Yoga, Raja Yoga.

Now, some people say that there are eight steps in Raja Yoga. They are not to be regarded as steps, but they are limbs. Raja Yoga by Patanjali was called Astanga Yoga.

Asta means eight; anga means limbs – the eight limbs of Yoga. Now this evening let us examine as far as we can, as far as time allows, the eight limbs of Yoga.

Meditation is fine, but if meditation is not backed up with the first two limbs, Yama and Niyama, then meditation can be of some value, it can give you some form of relaxation of mind and body, but it is not enough to lead you to enlightenment, or with the One-ness that we all seek.

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