Age of Enlightenment

gururaj_web3610There will never be an Age of Enlightenment on this planet Earth. There will never ever be a time when every human being living on this planet will be an enlightened being. In this entire evolutionary process we are just a small section in a vast continuum. In this little section that contains four billion people, we will find some transcending the boundaries of the section and some that are entering the field in their first human incarnation. So, evolution-wise, the whole world can never be in an enlightened state. As a certain section becomes enlightened, or reaches a higher state of evolution, there are other kingdoms below ours that are entering, continually feeding into the evolutionary process.

When we talk of an Age of Enlightenment we think in terms of the whole world being enlightened. That could never happen. The greatest masters that came down to Earth as the Incarnation of Divinity itself could not achieve this, though they did help achieve greater happiness for the world.

The mother is the controller of tomorrow’s destiny—not only of her child, but of the world. The woman is the controller of the destiny of mankind. As she becomes a better person she produces better children, who produce a better world.

That which seems nothing to you is everything. Because in that nothingness there is that power that has made a seed and this seed has the power to grow into a big tree. That nothingness is propelled by itself to become everything, because everything was there in nothing all the time.

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