Fabulous Higgs Bosuns

higgs-collision-gifTwo high-energy photons collide – as depicted in the graphic. Their energy (the red lines) is measured by an ‘electromagnetic calorimeter’. The yellow lines are the measured tracks of other particles produced in the collision. The pale blue volume shows the track through which the particles are sent.

A gargantuan step forward in self discovery

Until the last few decades everything that can’t be measured in three dimensions (i.e. having height, depth and width) was largely viewed as ‘spiritual’, by those who believed in the existence of non-solid energy, or as quirky or downright impossible by non-believers.

Professor Peter Higgs’s study, 50 years ago, concerning the origin of solid matter, concluded that, beyond the smallest measurable particles, there must be some other sort of particle from which matter emanates. In his words, “A particle that gives matter mass.” Higgs managed to convince many prominent scientists, by means of physics, that his theory was worth testing. The end result of this was tests in the Large Hadron Collider, in which smallest measurable particles could be transmitted at close to the speed of light so that a reaction could be observed and recorded, if the presence of a previously undiscovered boson particle was true. The conditions in the test were representative of a minute fraction of a second after the Big Bang. The boson they were looking for was observed by way of a collision.

The validation that we come from finer energy, which can’t be detected in light, is at least as important as the discovery that the Earth is spherical and not flat. Both these revelations have dramatic impact on our lives and, particularly, religious beliefs. When Copernicus (et al) enlightened us to the truth of our world’s shape it was an enormous shock at the time because it wiped out, at a stroke, the belief that an invisible entity pulled the sun up in the morning and pushed it down at night. The Catholic religion took 200 years to allow the ‘new truth’ to be fully accepted by its followers.

The Higgs boson has been nicknamed the god particle because it verifies we manifest from another sort of (non-solid) matter; therefore we are not created by means of a grand plan of any individual entity. It wipes out, at a stroke, the beliefs that mankind either arrived here by spaceship or was produced by some sort of planning supremo a few thousand years ago. Again, it could be some time before most religions acknowledge this ‘new truth’. One could conjecture they will gradually adjust by claiming that an individual creates Higgs boson particles, from which everything else stems.

Easy to understand

Comprehending the concept of Higgs boson particles is a little more difficult than – 500 years ago – imagining the world to be a ball rather than a flat plate. Balls and plates are solid matter we see in our everyday life. Higgs boson particles are not visible or even detectable by instruments we normally measure with.

To assist with this comprehension, the Allegorical tale of Wunspot, in Discover Your Subtle Self (by John Lamb) is one way of attempting to simplify the new truth in our imagination. The character named Fourray is the Higgs boson. Similarly, Quantum Aspects of Self Realisation (by John Lamb) is also intended to unravel what is unnecessarily treated as a complicated subject.

The frequent question in peoples’ minds, when trying to understand finer dimensions (other than the three we base our lives upon), is, “How can we be manifested from, say, the fourth dimension when that is something completely intangible.” The answer to this question is that we are all dimensions and not just three. Fortuitously, this statement is now corroborated by the Higgs boson discovery as well as the work of Paul Steinhardt & Neil Turok (see The Endless Universe: Beyond The Big Bang) and Stephen Hawking (see The Universe in a Nutshell). There are many other theses too.

Therefore, the link-pin to our understanding is in appreciating that the fourth, fifth, sixth – and so on – dimensions are not something else or somewhere else. The word dimensions (of existence) was invented by mankind to depict, in our imagination, greater degrees of truth about our finer nature. We are all dimensions and they are all here and now. In full consciousness we find the wholeness of us and we grasp that the restricted containment of the three dimensional state is an odd unreal imagination.

Higgs boson is an indescribable step forward in confirming the whole self scientifically. The so called extra dimensional states of our being are all experienceable when the human mind, based solely on three dimensional sense input, is sufficiently quietened and adjusted.

© John Lamb

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