AttachmentThe opposite of attachment is not detachment. The opposite of attachment is non attachment.

Thinking useless thoughts

So what is here in the mind? Nothing but confusion. All kinds of varying thoughts conflicting. I have to pick up this glass. Now I have to think, «Shall I pick up this glass or not?» Why must I think, «Shall I pick up this glass?» Pick it up. Do you see? Most of the […]

Observe, without attachment to your ideas

When we can observe any situation without being affected, then that would imply a non-attachment. And that is the true meaning of renunciation. Renunciation does not mean leaving your family and the world and going to some Himalayan cave. That’s escaping. Attachment is always generated by need. If we direct our belief and faith to […]

Gururaj in Xavier University

Reminding us about the essence of spiritual teachings Do you let go of Divinity, the omnipresence that is forever there? How can you let go of omnipresence when it is present everywhere? Who is trying to let go of what? Who asks this question of letting go? Who has to let go? Is the core […]

Non Attachment

No one asks you to become desireless No one asks you to become desireless. No one asks you be totally non‑attached, because your very nature in such that even the enlightened man must have that two percent attachment. Otherwise he would not be able to exist in a body. But there is something that one […]

Awareness II

Attachment and need We do find that there is no answer. Because if you hate someone, can you find the answer for hating someone? You cannot. You cannot find the answer why you hate someone. You can only find excuses but not the real answer. Oh, because, you know, this one said this to me […]