Merrill Harmin Ph. D.

merrilMerrill Harmin currently directs the Inspiring Strategy Institute, which specializes in practical ways of making schooling richer for students, more satisfying for teachers. He also teaches for the nonprofit American Meditation Society, which specializes in providing individualized meditation practices to adults. Earlier he spent 40 years as a professor of education at Rutgers University and Southern Illinois University. He’s written several books and articles, received several research grants, and has several degrees, most notably a PhD in curriculum and instruction from New York University. Yet he is still searching because, he claims, “I can’t remember where I left my favorite putter.” He can often be contacted at 44 Midchester Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606.

Merrill has been teaching meditation for thirty years and loves it. He especially loves Tamaji Harmin! Merrill and Mataji have an active meditation group White Plains and offer many classes.




White Plaines, New York

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