Roopa Morosani Ph. D.

gururaj_web3810I have been engaged in meditational practices consistently since 1966, and teaching them, off and on, since 1970. I was fortunate to be with Gururaj from the day he began his teaching mission in London in 1976 until his final day day of teaching in Victoria, Canada, in 1988. I traveled and worked closely with Gururaj and his teachings, and have been active in meditational retreats in various countries for more than four decades.

I teach meditation–off and on, now–because I have found that the knowledge of how to meditate effectively is the most powerful tool I know of for inner steadiness, calm, clarity, joy, and peace, and I regard it to be the finest gift any one person can offer to another. My life has been all-around blessed by meditation, and would like to offer that same advantage to anyone who feels able and ready to take on the commitment of regular, daily time spent in the pursuit of basic, long-term fulfillment from within himself or herself.




California (Bay area)

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