Enjoying life in the right way is austerity

Enseñando_a_montar_en_bicicletaAusterity, like brahmacharya, is a word so misinterpreted. Austerity doesn’t mean that you deprive yourself. If you have a comfortable bed at home, it is not necessary to sleep on the ground. Enjoy life—but enjoy it in the right way. Enjoying life in the right way is austerity.

To do unto others as you would expect to be done unto you, you have to know yourself first.

We are not only the product of ourselves. We are a product of the universe. We are children of light, produced by that light, and everything around us, even the mundane, contains that light.

The greatest curse on the head of mankind is “me and mine.” We say, this is mine . . . this is mine . . . this is mine—as if it really was ours. We are just on loan here. We do not even belong to ourselves, we belong to the Almighty.

Everything is forever in activity, there is no such thing as non-activity. If you could find just one cubic millimeter of space in this universe that is non-active, the entire universe would collapse at that very moment.

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