Meditation, mindfulness, and the search for Truth

Meditation and Truth

inner_truthWhen a person goes into samahdi, if it is real meditation he will not be conscious of his mind or his body. At that moment the spirit exists within itself. The body breathes and the mind becomes a void. Because one has transcended the mind and the body, there is a gap. It is only when you come out of samahdi that you realize, “I have been in samahdi.” The experience of that samahdi is a joy, a blissful experience, an alertness of itself without the reflection . . . Pure Light.

The purpose of meditation and mindfulness(1) is to experience truth. We don’t want to know about truth—for that you go to a university.

Universities only tell you about a thing, what a thing is. What we learn through meditation is to experience what truth is.

We do not need to analyze the mechanics of darkness, we switch on the light. That we do through meditation, where we reach to the deepest layer, the source of light, and bring forth the light to banish all the darkness that is in our lives.

(1) in the original only the word meditation is used. We have added the word mindfulness because Gururaj taught to be mindful, to be aware as an essential part of his teachings. He taught essentially about awareness or wakefulness (this is the term he used to use) like in this quote: «With widened awareness, there is a flow where you flow into the mind of the person, where you flow into the heart of the person, and that requires wakefulness.  So perception, awareness and wakefulness are totally interrelated.  (UK 8001)» Because in todays langauge people use mindfulness to describe this wakefulness that meditation brings we have added the word in the process of edition for a better understanding.

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