Meditation makes your life whole

Meditation brings you back to your totality

gururaj_ams1Whenever a person can exercise his totality in any action, then be sure to know that this is a form of meditation.

Most people don’t get answers because they do not still themselves sufficiently for the answer to come. Each of us is responsible for that. If I don’t get an answer to a problem, it is I, or something within me which is blocking the answer, and that is why I don’t get it.

Every act in life, every thought, every word and deed is nothing but a mantra.

If, through meditation, we have the way of contacting Divinity, then why should we contact disembodied beings? Disembodied beings—”on the other side,” as mediums would say—are not realized beings.

Meditation courseEveryone has the opportunity, through spiritual practices, to become the King. That is the true meaning of the daily prayer, “Thy Kingdom come.” Where must the Kingdom come to? Forget that which is around us. Let that Kingdom come to us inside here, and all that which is around us will look after itself. Find the Kingdom within, and the external kingdom is automatically found.

During the waking state of life meditation makes us face the mirror squarely and see our faults. It not only makes us see our faults, but meditation also gives us the strength to overcome those faults.

There is a direct line from the small, conscious mind, leading through the various layers of the subconscious and even past the superconscious, into the area where all knowledge exists. Through meditation we gain access to this pathway.

As one gains greater and greater energy from within through meditation, life becomes more joyous and peaceful because the dirt within oneself is being washed away and dissolved.

Through meditation we develop an openess of heart. We also develop an expansion of mind. Thus we become alert to the things that uplift our lives, bringing us Grace and greater happiness.

To find real bliss is not an external search; it is an internal search. That is why we meditate.

Modern psychology tries to probe and find causes, we do not. Why analyze the causes? There is a way whereby those energies can be brought forth to clear away the dirt.

In this room if there is a lot dirt lying around, are you going to analyze the dirt? Or are you going to bring the broom? Which is better? What is the sense of saying this is sawdust and this came from the wind blowing it in, and that the baby made a wee there? Just bring the broom and sweep it out. Take the direct line. You have this ability.


  1. Marios Savvides says

    With practice you sweep up automatically! Pure action!

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