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This is a slide show presentation of all the paintings from Gururaj available in the website. A festival of color.

The importance of color

GR40We’re going to do a little exercise today. Just a small one. Sit back comfortably. Sit back. Relax. You see, the mind translates itself in three ways: through words, through symbols and through color. Right. Color is very important. The perception of color is very, very important, because everything you see around you has some color. Can you show me anything which is colorless? Nothing is. You say the sea is blue? It’s actually white. It’s only the reflection of the sky that makes it seem blue. Do you see. So everything is interpreted by the mind, and color is one of the most important things. Fine.

Now to have greater perception of things is to be able to perceive color. Right. Now when you have a good perception of color you will see things far, far more beautiful than what they really are, as any artist here will tell you. Mataji, right? Fine. So for example, even when you put on your clothes or you go to the shop to buy clothes, right, how do you choose your clothes first? Not by the style‑‑that comes secondary. You choose clothes by color. Right. Am I right? First your choice is the color and then the style and things that goes with it. But the basic concept is the color. Right.

So now, what we are going to do is to develop some awareness of color. Fine. Now if you have awareness of color and you go outside just now and walk around, things will seem far, far more beautiful to you. The green of those trees will seem more greener. And the yellowish leaves will find its own beauty in it as well. We are talking of clothes, what about motorcars? You like a certain model. You say, «Yes, I want to buy a Chevrolet.» But then you ask, «What colors have you got?» Do you see? Someone might like a red one and some a blue one and some a green one. Things like that.

So we’re going to have a little exercise in color perception. Good. I’ll lead the exercise. And what do you do is visualize the color. Visualize it. You can visualize it internally inside the mind, and if you can visualize it outside, all the better outside you.

Close your eyes and just relax.

I see a dark blue color. Beautiful dark blue. And as I look at the dark blue it is becoming more and more lighter. More and more lighter. The dark blue is turning to become more and more lighter. And as I think of the lightness of the blue, I see the whole sky in front of me. The sky so beautifully blue. In the far corner there are grey clouds. Grey clouds. But as they drift along, those grey clouds are becoming of lighter and lighter grey. Lighter and lighter grey.

On the eastern side I see the sun rising, observe the colors of the sun. At first it seems orangy to me, but its radiance is so beautifully yellow. I see it so beautifully yellow. And between the yellow and the mixing of the orange there is a lovely tinge of reddishness. And that sunshine is floating down, down, upon a beautiful green meadow. Lovely green grass. Lovely green grass. And I walk further on. Further on. And I am reaching the coast of the sea. How beautifully the blue sky combines with the blueness of the sea. They merge into each other. And there, rising up from the horizon, that ball of sun of orange and red and yellow brings such a sparkle to the waters and to the sky.

I see the white sand of the beach. And ah, there’s a hill which I’m climbing on now. I see the lovely brownish, light brown and dark brown bark of the trees, the branches. Beautiful green leaves. Some are of a lighter green and some a darker green. But through it all the yellow of the sun is filtering through, shimmering, shimmering through.

Such great beauty in the scene. The sky, the sea, the mountains, the trees, the grass, the white sands. I visualize it all. And everything seems so sparkling. So new. So new. So new. So new. I’m entranced by its beauty. And I see the blueness of the sky so clearly. And I see the deeper blue of the ocean so, so vividly. The white sands, the brown tree trunks, the green leaves, and the grass on the other side so lovely and green. And through it all, the yellow sun is as if it is covering all. Covering all.

I am so entranced I’m in ecstasy, because it is all so vivid. So, so vivid. So vivid. It makes me feel one with it all. I am the sea, I am the sky, I am those clouds there, I am the hill, I am the sand, I am the trees, I am the grass, and I am the shimmering sun. I am the sunshine. I am the sunshine. So vivid. So vivid. So vivid. It sends me into meditation. It’s dazzling. Everything, every color there, so, so vivid. I could actually feel it, feel it within me, for I am that vividness. And I go deeper into meditation. Deeper into meditation. I’ve got to make the scene still more vivid. I’ve got to make this scene still more vivid by adding my mantra to it. My mantra is there now, penetrating this beautiful panorama with all these lovely colors I see there. The scene is slowly fading away. The scene is slowly fading away. Very slowly. Very slowly, it’s fading away. And only the mantra is there. Only my mantra is there. Only do your mantra. [Long pause]

Some of you can form a picture. But if you can’t, take one color at a time and try in visualization try and make it as vivid as possible. With practice you will make them vivid to you and you do the whole spectrum. Not the same time. One day one, next day another. Or one week one color, the next week another color. The third week do the whole spectrum. And when you can really see the colors in its true light, see them vividly, then everything you see around you will automatically become vivid. It will become part and parcel of you. And you will see greater and greater beauty. I mean people like Mataji and others who are artists can create that picture there and see its vividness in the mind. Do that.

Of course I combined meditation with the development of awareness of color. Because everything you see around you is color. Right. So once you develop a deeper sense, a deeper perception of color, then, of the spectrum, then you will find everything so, so beautiful. Like me. To me, everything is just, just, just, just beautiful. And then later you can combine the colors with your own mantra. I put it together to give you an example of how you go about it.

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