«I think»

Gururaj_imagen_flexoPeople say they think. They only think that they think. They do not really think. The slightest bit of experience in the present triggers off a memory in the past through the law of association.

Many people say, “I think,” but they do not think thoughts in their purity. Thoughts are always mixed with some kind of emotion. When emotion is involved in a thought, the quality of the emotion is very important. If our heart does not have the proper amount of purification it will discolor an emotion. When emotion loses its purity it can turn into hate, greed, and covetousness. The only pure emotion is the emotion of love.

A conscience is nothing else but a subtle energy which always wants to be directed for our own good, and for the good of others.

As we unfold, we draw more from the level of the superconscious, pure consciousness, and that force is very powerful. Everything at its subtlest level is infinitely more powerful than anything at a grosser level. If you drop a two-thousand-ton bomb it might create a big hole, perhaps a square mile, but if you split a tiny atom it will destroy a whole country. Anything existing at the subtlest level is infinitely more powerful.

When we draw those energies from the inner Self, the force is so great that the turbulence in the subconscious mind is brought into balance and tranquillity, so that the ripples start to subside. What science tries to do is tackle that area of the mind with external means, while we tackle that area of the mind by internal means. When this force starts permeating, awakening the subtler levels of the mind, then all the dross and dirt are dissolved and swept out.


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