Discrimination (Viveka)

gururaj_web332The power of discrimination, (viveka, as they call it in Sanskrit), is for one purpose: to be able to discriminate between the changing and the unchanging, to discriminate between the relative and the Absolute. The Absolute is our real essence, it is changeless. All change is but a manifestation of the changeless. When you combine in your life the values of both changelessness and change, then you live a full life.

You do not live a full life now. But those of you who have started on the path of self-integration, employing conscious effort in daily living, will reach that point where all of life is joy. Then even if you feel pain, you will see that you are involved in a universe which is composed of pairs of opposites.

Judging Self Realization
Judging Self Realization

Pleasure, pain; heat, cold; sun, snow: we will always have these pairs. But once we realize the value of pain and pleasure, then neither of them will affect us.

True discrimination comes only when one can really be silent within oneself.

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