Finding the Gap

Finding the gap
Finding the gap

SHAMIYA: Will you explain the gap technique? I was taught that it was the space between the in‑breath and the out‑breath. There seems to be a confusion that it is also is the space between the out‑breath and the in‑breath.

GR40GURURAJ: Yes, that is very true, that there definitely is a space between the in‑breath and the out‑breath. When you breathe in, there is that momentary silence there because before you breathe out there is a momentary silence there before you breathe in. It works like that all the time. Now you must have seen a grandfather clock that has the pendulum swinging. But did you know that when the pendulum reaches the right, there is a momentary gap, a momentary stop before it reaches back to the left? There’s a momentary stop there. Good. Now the whole idea is‑‑with a bit of practice you will find it easy and you do not need to sit down for that . Even during your waking state you can notice that gap between the in‑breath and the out‑breath, and when you notice the gap, you become totally centered within yourself because your self is a gap that divides up the vital forces within you, that makes the body function. And when the vital forces are not there, then you are centered within yourself. In other words, you are centered in Divinity.

So just take note of that and with a bit of practice you will notice the gap. Now this does not mean that you must breathe in and try and look for it. It is there all the time. It’s the recognition of that. And you’ll find a very cool calmness come over you in that second because that very little pause that comes to your cognition is the realization of that force and power within you from which everything else originates. And that is the whole theory behind finding the gap. Some people catch on to it immediately. Some take a bit longer. But the gap is definitely there. It stills the mind momentarily. And that is all that you need. If you want to get shocked you don’t need to hold the two live wires together in your hands for two hours before getting shocked. You get shocked immediately. So that second is so important. That second is a moment of eternity where you are totally within yourself. It reminds me of a story when we talk about shock. So John says to Jack that when your mother‑in‑law was shocked‑‑of course this happened when they reached the other side‑‑when your mother‑in‑law died, weren’t you really shocked. So John replies, «No, I was not shocked, I was electrocuted.» [laughter] Good. Next. See, the gap is something to experience.

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