Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques

Meditation and Mindfulness expand our awareness

Gururaj_web204Expansion of awareness is gained through meditation. It is through expansion of awareness that we find beauty even in the thorns which contribute to the wholeness of the rose.

Meditation not only gives you awareness . . .  it gives you knowingness.

Meditation does change the personality. It takes away the hardness that is there and brings that mellowness which love inspires. It teaches how to love, the meaning of love, and even how to become love. That is the basic change required in the human being of today.

If you have a jug of dirty water, put that jug under the tap and open the tap. As the clean water falls into the jug, the dirty water will be slowly cleared away leaving only clean water. By constantly doing our meditations we are doing the same thing—we are adding divine power to the mind and body. The positive energies being more powerful, push out the negative energies.

It is only when we dive within ourselves and find the actuality that is within that the outside universe ceases. It does not cease as far as the material components of it are concerned, but it ceases in our conceptions.

We meditate effortlessly—but our daily living must be filled with effort.

Good morning day
Good morning day


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