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Passion and compassion - Gururaj Ananda Yogi

Passion and compassion

Passion and compassion


What is basically passion, and what constitutes passion? There could be so many different kinds of passions. Certain kinds of passions are totally physical. Yet there is a divine passion which is totally spiritual, and in that spirituality of spiritual passion, there develops within you an intense longing for that divinity that we all aspire for. That is true passion. Not the physical part of it. Though the physical part of passion should not be discounted, it would serve its purpose, for procreation, perhaps, to keep the present species alive.

But that is not the purpose of it all. The purpose is to find that divine passion within us through which we would find that inner peace which leads us to compassion. For it is only through inner peace that you would feel compassionate, otherwise, it is make‑believe. In compassion there is a deep welling up within oneself; a welling up that goes beyond all logic, that goes beyond the mind, and you feel that wonderful compassion of not only your personal well‑being, but you produce that well‑being within the object of your compassion. You make that person feel totally comfortable; because every one in life requires some form of support, and compassion is always very supportive. If a person feels insecure and finds a friend who is compassionate, that person will find greater security in realizing that I am not standing alone, there is someone that is sharing my insecurity with me, and that could only be achieved through the love that you make the person feel.

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