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Your journey begins.. - Gururaj Ananda Yogi

Your journey begins..

Gururaj_en_movimientoWhen the spiritual Self, the true identity of man and his true eternity, can shine in its fullest glory, then the glass (the mental body) will also become unnecessary. The glass too will melt away in that beautiful divine light that is radiated in all its purity.

When you leave this body and your whole life flashes in front of you, then your journey begins. That is great fun! It is lovely. In the subtle state the mental body, being closer to the spiritual body, experiences greater joy because it is closer to the real all-pervading Self. So death is something never to be feared.

After death and after having a glimpse of the life one has lived, one begins evaluating. The evaluation will always be one hundred percent accurate, because one is so close to the spiritual Self. The job of the subtle body is to rid itself of all its dirt. Therefore the purpose of evaluation is to find how to clean off this dirt, asking, “Which is the best possible way to do it? Which is the best possible planet to go to for the particular lesson that I have to learn? Should I come back to this planet or go to another? What sort of form should I take? Which vehicles would be the best and most compatible to take birth through?” All these evaluations are made by you. There is no Father sitting upon a high chair with half a dozen clerks and books.


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