Can you get self realized in one life time? (V)

All those fears, insecurities, depressions are many times based in the sense of guilt. This idea or thought that has been embedded particularly in the western world that has brought so much illness and disease, particularly psychological. Forget about the past. Let that come what may, I take the challenge and will compose the song of my life while dancing in the action that I will perform.

So whatever has to come, whatever the seeds planted in the past, do not worry. There might be a draught and they don’t grow, and what is more: you can create the draught by not nurturing those seeds any more. And it is simple to do. This I tell you by experience. Requires determination and looking yourself squarely in the mirror, and by the Grace of God it comes through your action when it is surrendered. Because it is an action that happens in actuality.

And of course, you will stop judging others when you stop judging yourself. So stop condemning you and realize that whatever you condemn others for, you are in reality condemning yourself.

You have never harmed anyone and none has harmed you! If you  could only realize this it would be such a big step forward.

Un-do the grooves in which the cart of our lives wander is what we will have to do and the consolation of man in the future and for years to come. This assertions will also be part of our prophecies section in which we will be including those that Guruji made throughout the 12 years of his teachings with us in this world.

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