Joyful Meaning

Adding meaning to life Life is both meaningful and also meaningless. It depends on how you look at life. If you find life to be meaningless, then it will become meaningless. But if you find life to be meaningful, then you will find ways and means by you viewing your life to be meaningful. What […]

Game of life

The Gods are not playing with you, you are playing with the Gods (Energies) ROOPA:  My mother asked that this question be asked.  So, for her I’m asking the question‑‑for Nirmala.  It’s a typical… never mind.  If life was supposed to be the play of the Gods, why are so many people so miserable?  When […]

Beyond good and evil

Non-judging as a spiritual practice Our minds are constantly thinking in the term of good and evil, right or wrong, normal or abnormal. In other words, we keep on judging ourselves and others. Even if we hide it under the more neutral concept right or wrong. Now, in nature, if you look at nature as […]