Christ serves so many purposes

Acceptance of the masterA teacher like Christ serves so many purposes. He brings forth into the world that pure consciousness that brings about a balance. He inspires people towards that pure consciousness, and by the shakti that emanates from him, affects and touches the pure consciousness within people around him. He ignites and sets off the spark. And then you have to fan it, so that it can grow into a raging fire of love.

The Incarnation is none else but a Bringer of Light. He is light, born of light, born of the superconscious state. By his choice he can merge away into the Absolute. Yet he chooses to sit on the fence and help humankind.

Jesus only had about five hundred sincere followers. The rest came afterwards when the great men of the church started organizing.

Jesus the man and Jesus the Christ are different entities, and yet the Christ is embodied in the body of Jesus.

The Incarnation is the embodiment of all the samskaras of the universe, but at its most pure, subtle, sattvic level. That Incarnation emits great power and force in the form of love and of any of the other great virtues that you can imagine.

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