Gurushakti, or Grace, is a Universal Force

Gururaj_priya_131That presence is not to be gotten from elsewhere, it is there already; and the one who feels this is the unfolded man.

When the mind and heart are opened, it cannot remain empty. It becomes filled with Grace.

Gurushakti, or Grace, is a universal force that is existent everywhere and pervades everything in existence. How do we activate that universal force? There are sound waves floating around in every room, from thousands of broadcasting stations. The only reason that we cannot hear the broadcast is that we do not have a radio. When we have the apparatus, the radio, we can tune it into France, Germany, or anywhere that we would like.

Now, the purpose of a true guru is this: he is only the radio, the instrument. The transmitting station is something else. The guru acts as a radio and tunes in to the transmitting force so that you can enjoy the music. The guru is simply an instrument.

The guru is the radio, and the force that is being transmitted is the force that helps bring the integrating effect to the individual meditator, and that is Gurushakti.


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