Meditation and mindfulness are a prevention, not a cure.

Meditation and mindfulness techniques lead to integration.

Gururaj_web208By meditation, or whatever spiritual practice that is allocated to you, you go beyond the realms of the mind, you go beyond the realms of the body, you go beyond the realms of the finest relativity, and you merge away into the Absolute, where experience does not need an external factor, where experience does not need an experiencer, where experience experiences itself. That is bliss. That is the love which Christ talks about—and it is not difficult to reach there.

The value of meditation lies in this, that not only the quality of one’s life, but also the quality of the environment is improved.

We are trying to open up consciousness in a more direct, quick way. We want to find the source of all happiness.

Meditation and spiritual practices are a prevention, not a cure.

gururaj_web3711If you are a Christian, become a better Christian. If you are a Buddhist, become a better Buddhist. If you are a Jew, become a better Jew. Meditational practices have nothing to do with religion.

Our meditational practices are designed to bring about an integration of mind, body, and spirit so we can function as total beings. Then even the sex act can be elevated to such a degree that it becomes a meditation, a complete mergence.

A beautiful, pleasurable experience you have in meditation is only caused by diving to a certain level of the mind where the impressions of pleasurable experiences are stored. That is just being projected to the conscious level and you feel very pleasant.

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