Avoid conflicts

fulness(13) So in order, in order to avoid conflicts in life, one starts off by surrendering the freewill, not at the time when you are in need but at the time when you are not in need.


Now when you are in need, these prayers might act as a balm. A balm soothes the headache like Aspros. You take them when you have a headache but remember the headache is only a symptom of something deeper within you.

So to find that bit of calmness, that bit of release is very temporary. You are dealing with symptoms and not with the cause or the real disease. So through meditation, diving deep within oneself, one goes to the root cause.

So here when Jesus said «I am not the doer, He is the doer» has very deep meaning. It is not a fatalistic idea but it is an acceptance and a total surrender with a sane and sober mind when the person is not in need. Now this kind of surrender requires a great depth of understanding and the main understanding is this that ‘I do not exist». I do not exist, only He exists.

Gururaj_iniciacion_RamonThe He, the reality, the actuality exists and I am but a wave on the ocean which is the play of the ocean, for what difference is there between the wave and the ocean.

The ocean is real and permanent, the wave is impermanent, here for a moment and gone the next moment but yet we attach so much importance to the wave rather than the ocean. He is the doer means that the ocean is the creator or the Manifestor of the wave. And when we come to that understanding that the wave has no reality, no reality but just a form of that which is really real, just a form, an expression of the ocean, then there is only the ocean. The wave, though being there, has no importance whatsoever.

So it is so simple. It is to what our attention is directed. Is the attention directed on the ego self or is the attention directed on the real self?

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