Free Will

fulness(8)So meditation and spiritual practices firstly neutralises the mind. It gets you away from the tricks of emotions that the mind inflicts upon you. And a person can only see straight if he can stand apart. So that is why, that is why Jesus taught «I am not the doer, but my Father is the doer. I am an instrument.» The pen does not write but the writer uses the pen as the instrument to write.
camicSo when you say that «I am the doer», you are putting emphasis on freewill and you start feeling that my freewill does everything. But how free is your will in the general context of things?

If that freewill is surrendered and that is what is meant – ‘I am not the doer, the Father is the doer’ because that freewill which man has, has been surrendered to a Divine will.

To reach from here to some other place in England, the freewill will tell you, you take a motor car or a horse or whatever you want to use. Your freewill will analyse what you have to do. But the general plan is to reach from A to destination B and that is the Divine, the Divine will that says that you have to reach from point A to point B, how you do it, is your business.That is where freewill comes in.

But the art of life is to be able to combine, through spiritual practices that freewill, to merge that freewill into that Divine will and then you know the Father is the doer.

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