Is it just but a moment?

Unfolding in just but a moment


A soul unfolds in many ways
To give your beloved in timeless days
Just but a moment?
Why does this heart pound and having found
The motion of freedom and yet so bound
Is it just but a moment?
I seek and search, I preach and perch
In solitude, while trees sway an urging urge
Is it just but a moment?
This coming and going, this meeting and parting
Words unsaid but deeply heard in love and loving
Is it just but a moment?
Know now my beloved, as I have known so well
That this moment is all there is in fragrant smell
Surging in fullness of its eternal swell.
One glimpse of thine eyes makes me know
When soul with soul converse as arrow and bow
Melting in the target… Could there be separation now?
Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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