Awareness I

Awareness - Consciencia y Darse cuenta
Awareness - Consciencia y Darse cuenta

The nature of awareness

Gururaj_priya_123TAMAJI: Beloved Guruji, would you speak about the nature of awareness?

GURURAJ: Good. Now awareness, would awareness have any nature? Because when you use the word nature of awareness you are applying qualifications to awareness. When we talk of the nature of anything, naturally we would add qualities to the very thing we talk about, while awareness is attribute‑less. It has no qualities whatsoever. [VIDEO BEGINS HERE] It just is. Where you just know.

Now what are the mechanics that develop awareness? Awareness is to be able to look at this camera and yet be totally aware of everything around you. And that awareness could be developed to such an extent that by just looking at a person you could know the entire emotional self, the mental self, and the spiritual self of the person.

Now the main question would be how to develop that awareness. Awareness is developed by stages. Everything in nature is aware. Because everything in the world has life. For example, an animal is aware. A dog is aware of his master coming, any other animal is aware within itself of its hunger. Could we call it instinct or awareness? There’s no difference between instinct, intuition and awareness. It is just a matter of degrees in our development in life. So many people function instinctively. In other words when you function just with instinct, you are allowing the animal passions within you to flow through you. Because they are

inborn in you, you have inherited them through many many past experiences, many, many lives past and things, and that self of your personality expresses itself. So that is also a form of self awareness of your animal self. Good.

Now, as you progress on the path of evolution you develop greater awareness when your thinking ability begins. Now the primitive man would not have the thinking ability that you would have, for his awareness is limited. His awareness is limited to hunting and fishing and eating and fornicating, perhaps. Good. And then as man evolves further he starts asking questions, the whys and wherefores of things. That, too, is awareness. As soon as the mind starts thinking and asking why and wherefore of things, that means he starts inquiring the meaning of his own personal self and not only of the things outside himself. Because he wants to satisfy himself and that subjective self of his is trying to find the answers in the objective realm that surrounds him or his environment. That is also awareness.

And then as he progresses further, he finds that he becomes dissatisfied with the answers he finds around him. The stone cannot explain me anything or the tree cannot explain me anything. For example, last night we were at Danusha’s home and she picked up a stone at the seaside, and, of course, I meditated for a few moments on the stone, and I told her the whole history of the stone: how big that stone was, and how many years it took to become to that size. Because it was lying in the water all the time and with the workings of the water, that stone became smaller and formed its round shape. So the stone also has an inner awareness to be able to respond to what was happening to it. Because if it did not have that awareness then it would not have changed its shape. Although the outer circumstances helped it to do it. But the ability for that was inherent in itself because of its own molecular structure, and that structure is contained within all of us in a more advanced way, and that is also awareness.

And then when all these inquiries begin of outside nature, we start inquiring about our inside selves, our inner selves and we first start by thinking of our mind. Why is my mind thinking this way, why is my mind feeling this way, why is love in my heart or hatred in me, and we start asking all these questions one by one by one. And that means an increase, an increase, an increase in awareness. But then, after asking all these questions to ourselves.

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