The Kingdom of Heaven is here

To make you see, hear, feel, realize that the Kingdom of Heaven is here, here and now, and nowhere else for you. That is the role of the guru.

The Real and the Unreal

Let me tell you a little secret, and understand this well. That which you think is real is not real at all. That which you think is unreal is true reality. Did you get that? The true reality is that «it,» that cannot find any confirmation in your mind saying that it is real. It […]

Suffering near a sage

So that is how life goes on in unawareness. This body goes on in unawareness, the mind is incapable of perceiving or conceiving the various functionings of ourselves within ourselves and of the universe around us. Because they are subtler laws of nature that is forever there and doing its work. But the mind, the […]

Nothing happens without Grace

Nothing happens without Grace . . . nothing, nothing, nothing. And having the mind, let us use the mind to invoke that Grace, and not reject the Grace by playing around in the whirlpool of the mind. We all know that Grace is an abstract quality. Grace is synonymous with God. There is no difference […]

No lifetime is ever wasted

As the individualized soul progresses, it has one aim. This is not conscious, but because of its propulsion, its aim is to merge again with its source, the universal self. Man is the only animal that has the power to expedite his evolution. All the other kingdoms, mineral, plant, and animal, have to flow with […]

There is no Salvation except through Christ

Water cannot run up a mountain, it has to flow down a mountain. There are certain laws of nature that constitute this universe, and the universe functions according to those laws of nature. But when an imbalance occurs so that, through unnatural means, you try to pump water up the hill rather than allow it […]

The creation buried deep down within you

I am your father, mother, friend, son and daughter
I am the creation buried deep down within you
Respond in which ever way you can … for love I am

The best way to…

The best way according to Gururaj Ananda The best way to loose weight Now this girl had a problem, she was overweight, that was her problem.  And she kept on talking about her weight problem.  So she meets a friend who tells her that «Stop talking about your problem.  The best way to lose weight […]