No lifetime is ever wasted

Gururaj_blanco_negro_32As the individualized soul progresses, it has one aim. This is not conscious, but because of its propulsion, its aim is to merge again with its source, the universal self.

Man is the only animal that has the power to expedite his evolution. All the other kingdoms, mineral, plant, and animal, have to flow with the propulsion of nature and within the limitations that were created at the start of the creation of this cycle.

No lifetime is ever wasted. We always learn something.

The body is a vehicle for the mind and the mind is the troublemaker that forms the barrier between pure consciousness, or Divinity, and the body itself. The process is to clarify the mind; the mind must achieve. The achievement of purity is what we term evolution.

No one else can evolve anyone else, one has to evolve oneself.

The true meaning of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” is that life is eternal, that life goes on perpetuating itself through dissolution and re-creation. The entire universe, which is a manifestation of the manifestor, is eternal. But because the universe can only operate in cycles, its change is seen only within the cycles, and not in its entirety. The entirety of creation, while forever changing, remains eternal.

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