Talking to God

The best way to review our talking is by not talking. Now what does that mean? It means that talk is nothing else but the verbalization of thought. And when thoughts become steady, silent, and find an equilibrium, then the real talk begins, the real review begins between you and Him. So words has its […]

The essence of spiritual teachings

You’d be surprised I’m keeping myself together. [Gururaj laughs] Keep yourself together through the power of love. And therefore the scriptures, all the scriptures say, «Love thy neighbor as yourself.» But I would add onto that, not only your neighbor. Here’s my neighbor, that’s my neighbor, this is my neighbor. Do you see? So who […]

Once a teacher, always a teacher

Once a teacher, always a teacher

End of evolution

In this evolutionary process, we do not travel a distance. The little atomic particles that compose our system are traveling and in a state of flux. The changing self that forever has to keep on changing travels within the framework of the mind in time and space. But that which is changeless travels nowhere. It […]

Earth is our school

We came to Earth like a school. We have come to learn. Why should be learn? . . . because we want to evolve. Why do we want to evolve? . . . because we want to be away from suffering. We want to reach that state of primal peace from which we have come. […]

Evolution of the Human Being

The first incarnation is composed mostly of awareness of the physical self. It is aware that it needs food, water, and to perform other biological functions. These needs in turn create further needs, and this is how greater and greater bondage occurs. Today he hunts a deer and he gets a small one, but he […]

Past life?

Why do you want to know about your past life? How is it going to help you in this life? Someone might say that, “Oh, by knowing of the mistakes of the past life, I will avoid making them again.” That is not the way. Where the spiritual Self is concerned, you do not analyze […]

Age of Enlightenment

There will never be an Age of Enlightenment on this planet Earth. There will never ever be a time when every human being living on this planet will be an enlightened being. In this entire evolutionary process we are just a small section in a vast continuum. In this little section that contains four billion […]